Hundreds of lives changed.

Redemption House is about a fresh start in life.

Redemption House is a network of transition homes for women who desire to redeem their lives from past destructive behavior by developing a faith-based lifestyle and by gaining the skills necessary to achieve and maintain success.

Women residents are assigned to Redemption House by the courts as an alternative to jail. During a six-month residency at Redemption House, women work to develop job skills, find freedom from addictions, and mend broken relationships. As a Christian community, we grow together in faith and positive lifestyle choices.

We form partnerships with local agencies, organizations, businesses, churches, and individuals to carry out our important mission. We rely on the expertise and generosity of allies who believe in what we do

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“I love the new me”

“I know God is in my life, because look at me know—I’m brand new! I have people who love me. I have a job. I get to see my kids. I have a good team I can call on–people who love me, people I can talk to. I have a lot of goals to achieve in life. And most of all, I’ve been clean and sober for nine months. I love the new me.”

2018 Graduate

“God saved me from myself.”

“For 16 years, I believed that I would never be anything but an addict, and it would be the death of me. I’m so thankful that God revealed himself to me and saved me from myself. Maybe where I’ve been and where I end up will help someone.”

2016 Graduate.


Three baptisms!

Three baptisms!

November 12, 2023 - What a blessing to celebrate three of our ladies' baptisms today! Residents...

I knew my life had to change.

“The last six months have been awesome, but hard and stressful at times. I had to put in the work to be eleven months clean. I had to put in the work so my kids can be happy. I’m going to do everything in my power not to mess that up.”

2018 graduate

Help Us Rebuild Lives

We value and depend upon your financial support.