Rising Above Addictions

Many residents come to us with a history of substance abuse. 

Dealing with addictions is a very important part of Redemption House’s mission. Our services take many forms.

  • Individualized and group counseling.
  • Support-based groups.
  • Therapeutic community living.
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) classes.
  • Identifying Addictive Behaviors groups.
  • Accountability classes.
  • Relapse Prevention.
  • Identifying thinking errors and character defects.

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered 12 step approach to recovery based on the beatitudes of the Matthew 5. It emphasizes personal responsibility to our poor choices, allowing us to move past our hurts, habits, and hangups. The program uses spiritual growth and God’s healing power as residents move forward in their recovery.

When a resident needs treatment or services that Redemption House doesn’t provide, we refer her to outside agencies.

We encourage residents to develop and engage in behaviors which will help them live a life free of criminal thinking and drugs/alcohol. This includes developing a network of peers who will support their recovery efforts.

Our goal is to help residents gain the skills needed to overcome the destructive habits that have plagued them. When they leave Redemption House, they have a newfound confidence and belief in themselves. This enables them to continue on the path to a successful life apart from crime and substance abuse.

I will be just fine.

“The choice I am faced with today is, am I going to stay in recovery even when I move out of Redemption House and off of house arrest? When that time comes, I will be just fine because I believe in my heart that I have worked too hard to let it all go now. I am committed to remaining clean and sober.

2018 graduate


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