When I first came to Redemption House, I was very scared. I didn’t know if I was going to make it. I had been clean for a month in jail and went to Bible study there. I wanted to change everything about me fast. I asked God for his will to be done. And slowly, I noticed how I was becoming more and more open and at ease. Now, four months later—Thank you Jesus! I feel confident that I’m going to succeed in life. I’m going to live a long, healthy, and clean life. I can sleep peacefully without having “using” dreams.

When I was using, I thought I was in control of my addiction, and in control of other people and what I wanted from them. Now I have turned my life over to God and put him in control of my life. By giving God control, I sleep better at night and am at peace with life. Some days are better than others.

I love having my morning spiritual moments. I heard him call out my name, Danielle, real clear at 6:00 am. I spoke back, “I’m up, Jesus. Thank you for giving me life and another day on this earth.” I’m becoming more familiar with the Bible by having devotions and Bible study.

I feel the caring and loving vibe of the other women. We compliment one another. We give each other advice and help. I hadn’t worked in over five years, and I have a job now. Wow, that feels great! My close family members say that I am doing a good job staying clean and sober. They are proud of me. I am proud of myself for wanting to change my life from the old way I used to live. I was going down the road of destruction, not knowing how much damage I was doing to myself or my family.

It was a lot of work chasing the drug. I chose not to live that life anymore. God gave me another chance at life. I’m happy to be clean and sober. I know that I have no control over drugs and alcohol. I must never pick up again. God gave me a second chance at the Drug Court. I’m not sure how many chances I have left if I choose to use. I pray for every women here—don’t do it!

I feel very comfortable with where I am in my recovery and am still growing each day. One day at a time. For me to be 90 days clean in a house of women—wow.

Every morning when I wake, I thank God for putting me in Redemption House.