Redemption House Ministries, Inc., is expanding once again. The Fort Wayne non-profit has purchased a home on Columbia Street which will be the first part of the new Redemption House Alumni Network. The Columbia Street location will house to five graduates from the Redemption House program. The plan is to acquire several more homes in the future.

Redemption House provides a six-month transition program for residents, all of whom are appointed by the courts. The program focuses on overcoming addictions and other past destructive behaviors, gaining job skills, and developing a faith-based lifestyle. Up to 13 women are housed at the current group homes on Fairfield Avenue and Wayne Street, with 24/7 staff oversight.

“For many years, we have recognized the need to continue supporting our residents after they graduate from the program,” says Tomi Cardin, executive director of Redemption House Ministries. “This home will keep them under the Redemption House umbrella, with all of our support programs available to them, as they begin their new lives.”

Residents of the Alumni Network home will pay a monthly rent, agree to follow certain expectations, and will be able to continue attending Redemption House support meetings on  addiction recovery, relapse prevention, and other issues. A program director will be hired for the Alumni Network.

Redemption House hopes to take possession of the home by the beginning of 2021 and begin necessary renovations.

“It’s already a beautiful home,” says Tomi Cardin. “Our dedicated supporters are excited about the vision for the Alumni Network, and some have already expressed enthusiasm for helping us furnish the home and get it ready for occupancy.”

Tomi Cardin started Redemption House in 2011 using the home on Fairfield, which was previously part of a transition ministry called Wings of Hope. The Wayne Street homes was purchased in 2019, thereby doubling the ministry’s capacity.