By Tomi Cardin, executive director

January 21 was a BIG day for Redemption House–the day we officially moved tenants into our first Graduate House. The RH Alumni Network is now officially launched.

The RH Alumni Network offers housing, support, and services for RH graduates, along with events and outreach to the community. It is another testament to the vision God has for our ministry.

As we were moving boxes in, a graduate from 2014 reached out for help. She was dealing with the consequences of a recent relapse and was struggling with the shame that came with it. When she showed up at our front door, she was immediately surrounded by love, support, and encouragement! The Lord is already using this home to bless women.

It is such an honor for us to be able to provide safe environments for redemption and restoration to take place! A huge thank you to our donors and supporters for making this possible.

Now, let’s get started on house #2