Redemption House is grateful for the support of Mayor Tom Henry. He came to our 10th Anniversary/Reunion on August 6 and read a mayoral proclamation which proclaimed May 6 as “Redemption House 10 Year Anniversary Celebration Day in Fort Wayne.” We appreciate his kind words about Redemption House. Here is the proclamation.

“Whereas Redemption House is a network of transition homes for women who desire to redeem their lives from past destructive behaviors by developing a faith-based lifestyle and gaining the skills necessary to achieve and main success. The organization has helped 100s of women restore their lives, reunite with their families, and become productive members of our community; and


“Whereas the organization is built upon a sincere desire to create an environment where God can work in and on the women who live in their homes. They believe that true and real change can only happen when God is at the center of our lives. They strive to introduce all of their residents to the Lord and pray that they develop their own personal relationship with Him that will take them successfully through the rest of their lives; and


“Whereas Redemption House is committed to the success and tranformation of every woman who lives in their homes. That success and transformation can look very different for each woman. Since the beginning in 2012, they have had the privilege of working with over 500 women and their families as they navigate the criminal justice system, addiction and recovery, and the restoration of their hopes and dreams.


“Now, Therefore, I, Thomas C. Henry, Mayor of the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana, do hereby proclaim August 6, 2022, as Redemption House 10 Year Anniversary Celebration Day in Fort Wayne, encouraging all citizens to duly note this occasion.”