A Day at
Redemption House

Residents are kept busy with classes, work, and purposeful activities. For many, Redemption House is a peaceful, welcoming refuge from life’s chaos.

Rise and Shine

The day is a little different for each resident. Some arise early to get to their jobs. Others have caseworker meetings, job searching, counseling, classes required by the courts, etc. Everyone is up by 8am at the latest.

Morning Devotions

At 9am, the women of each house gather for devotions. Staff help residents work through hard questions, discover God’s love, and seek wisdom from the Bible. 

Off to Work

Every resident is expected to find a job as a step toward transitioning out. Redemption House works with local agencies involved in job placement. It’s always a cause for celebration when someone gets hired and moves  toward financial stability.

Household Chores

As part of our community, every resident tackles daily chores. Typically, each woman is assigned one room to look after. Others have dinner responsibilities or other tasks. Chores rotate every week. There are also special projects at the house.

Self Care

Residents learn about personal hygiene, caring for your skin, hair care, how to dress, wearing the proper size, using make-up, and related practices.


Our houses have backyard gardens where residents can learn to raise their own vegetables and flowers. They take great satisfaction in the delicious fresh food they’ve grown themselves. 


This clinically proven program addresses trauma and addiction, healing and retraining the brain, and advancing cognitive, emotional, and social skills. Residents learn tools and techniques to strengthen their learning potential. 

Book Club

Sometimes residents study a book on a subject that will be applicable to them—procrastination, self-esteem, or other helfpul topics.

Bible Study

Volunteers from various local churches visit our houses to teach Bible studies, usually 6-8 weeks for a series. In addition, facilitators from Bible Study Fellowship come to each house on Thursdays.

Self Defense

Residents take self-defense classes to learn to protect themselves and their young children. Classes are taught by a Wright State University professor and focus on awareness, empowerment, and defense.

Addiction Recovery

Every Friday night, people come to the houses to lead meetings on recovery.

Outside Services

Residents may also be involved in other meetings, perhaps mandated by the court. These might include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other recovery groups.

Skill Building

Our partners also provide classes on cooking, parenting, financial literacy, money management, anger management, and other subjects.

Evening Meal

Supper is at 5 pm. All residents who are at home sit down together in the dining room to enjoy a meal and fellowship. We have programming every evening, usually between 6pm and 8pm. Residents are expected to attend.

Lights Out

The day ends at 11 pm. Residents can read with individual lights for a while, but all other lights are shut off. For many residents, the routine fosters peace and calm. We set our alarms and rest well for the day ahead. 

A lot of love and patience.

“I’ve learned that it takes a lot of love and patience to live in a house with so many females. It’s like a test every day to make sure my actions are kind and respectable to everyone so that in return I get respect.”

2018 graduate

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