A Day at Redemption House

Rise and Shine

The day is a little different for each resident. Some arise early to get to their jobs. Others have caseworker meetings, job searching, counseling, classes required by the courts, etc. Everyone is up by 8am at the latest.

Off to Work

Every woman is expected to find a job. That’s a key component of transitioning out. Women often find it very challenging to find a job, but determination and tenacity usually prevail. Redemption House works with some agencies involved in job placement, but usually it’s sheer strength in numbers—the more applications a resident puts out, the more often she is out pounding the streets, the more likely she will land a job. It’s always a cause for celebration when someone gets hired.


At 9am, the women still at the house gather for devotions.

Chores, Etc.

Every woman has certain chores. Usually, each woman in the house is assigned one room to look after. Others have dinner responsibilities or other jobs. We rotate chores every week. Then there are special projects at the house.

We allow time for individual study and reflection. There is no TV watching during the day. Residents often play games during the day.

The Evening

Supper is at 5 pm. All residents who are at home sit down together in the dining room to enjoy a meal and fellowship.

We have programming every evening, usually between 6pm and 8pm. Residents are required to attend.

Lights Out

The day ends at 11 pm. That’s when we set the alarm. Residents can read with individual lights for a while, but all other lights are shut off.

“I feel that this is my home and I feel safe here when I didn’t anywhere else. I’ve learned to trust again. It’s normal to make mistakes if you learn from them, and I’m learning. I’ve gained a fresh start and a great support system which I’ve never had before.” –Sabrina, 29