Alumni Network


The road to recovery doesn’t end when a woman graduates from Redemption House. In fact, recovery is a complicated, lifelong pursuit. Our three-pillared graduate program provides support and resources for women as they move into life beyond addiction.

Many of our 250+ graduates do not have a safe, affordable place to go when they’ve completed their six-month program. Sadly, many women’s best option has been to return to the dysfunctional or abusive living situation they came from, which is not an ideal environment to continue pursuing sobriety. We recognized the ongoing need for safe, sober, affordable housing for our grads, which is why we opened our first Graduate House in 2021.


Redemption House now has four graduate residences, where RH grads can transition into a room month-to-month and share a home with three or four other RH graduates. This provides a new level of independence for women who are getting on their feet. Living independently with other graduates provides much-needed accountability for our women as they work on restoring family relationships, maintaining employment, continuing in their sobriety and wellness, and moving past their addictive mindsets and behavior.

Our graduates are forever part of the Redemption House family! We love it when they attend our annual alumni reunion and other cookouts, outings and get-togethers. Additionally, they’re invited to participate with us on foreign mission trips. It’s not uncommon for a graduate to drop in for morning devotions or just to chat.

Women in graduate housing continue to receive full support from Redemption House in the months and years after graduation. They’re included in our weekly Redemption & Recovery meetings, and we often connect them with local employment and social service resources. If they stumble – and sometimes they do – Redemption House is there with counsel, encouragement, advice and hugs. Graduates are members of the lifelong sisterhood of Redemption House.

For more information or if you have questions about our alumni network, contact our Alumni Network Director.