With Courts

Each resident is placed by a local court.

Redemption House is purely an alternative sentencing program. This keeps all residents on the same ground.

The various courts screen women to determine who qualifies for transitional living. Those persons get put on a waiting list. Applications come to Tomi Cardin, the executive director. She goes over each application with the staff and residents (often, a resident already knows the applicant). Tomi then decides whether or not to accept the person at Redemption House. If approved, they determine where to place the new resident—not only which house, but which room.

The current residents take responsibility for welcoming new arrivals—giving a Welcome bag, showing them around, getting them settled, explaining how the house functions, etc.

Redemption House works primarily with these courts:

Allen County Adult Probation

Allen County Community Corrections House Arrest

We work closely with the house arrest program. We receive more residents through this program than any other. These are women who have been convicted and sentenced for a crime, and have most likely already served some jail time, but qualify for house arrest in a transitional living home.

Drug Court

Women assigned by the Drug Court have not been convicted of a crime. Rather, these women have been charged and have pled guilty, but have not been convicted. If they complete the Drug Court program, charges will be dropped. Their guilty plea is held under advisement until they complete our six-month program.

Parole Services

After a prison sentence, women often go on parole for a long period of time. Parole officers may want them to enter Redemption House as they transition from a correctional facility to community supervision. Parole Services operates out of ten district offices located across Indiana, one of which is located in Fort Wayne.


Re-Entry Court

Women currently in prison can get 90 days cut from their sentence by going to Redemption House. They are basically re-entering society early to learn skills which will give them a jumpstart on their post-incarcerated life. They typically wear an ankle tracking bracelet throughout their time at Redemption House.

Restoration Court

This court deals with alcohol offenders, such as persons arrested for Driving Under the Influence.

I had to put in the work.

“The last six months have been awesome, but hard and stressful at times. I had to put in the work to be eleven months clean. I had to put in the work so my kids can be happy. I’m going to do everything in my power not to mess that up.”

2018 graduate


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