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The purpose and program of Redemption House are based on Christian principles. We want to build the whole person. All programing has a faith element. Here are some key components.

Daily Devotions

We hold daily devotions at 9am. Every woman in the house (unless at work) is expected to attend. We pray, encourage each other, and discuss the weekly assignment. There is a weekly Scripture verse. Each resident must memorize the verse and write about how it applies to her life.

Weekly Bible Study

A Bible study is held one night every week. People from different churches come to teach.

Church Attendance

We require church attendance every Sunday. Residents can choose which church they attend, as long as it is a Christian church (Protestant or Catholic). One resident was Jewish, but during her time at Redemption House she attended a Christian church (and agreed to this expectation before coming aboard).

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a faith-based Alcoholics Anonymous program. It is held every Friday night at Redemption House, and is open to the public. Numerous churches partner with that program.


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