When Residents Graduate

We celebrate every time a resident completes the six-month program. And we do this many times every year. During 2018, we held eight different graduations to recognize a total of 19 residents.

Graduations are always held on Sunday afternoons at 4:00. Usually, 2 or 3 residents are graduating, but we’ve had graduations for a single resident, and we’ve had graduations for four residents. It just depends on how things fall.

The house is always crowded with visitors who come to celebrate with us–family members, current and former residents, staff, board members, and others. We spend time on each resident, reflecting on her time at Redemption House, letting her tell her story, and hearing from others. There is much laughter, and there are some tears. These are joyous, uplifting occasions.

And then we eat. We have quite a spread, more than enough for everyone.