Our Mission

Redemption House is a network of transition homes for women that serves as an alternative to incarceration.

Our residents seek to redeem their lives from past destructive behavior by developing a faith-based lifestyle and by gaining the skills needed to live successfully on their own.

All of our residents have been assigned by the court system, and most are struggling with some type of destructive behavior. The women are grateful to be at Redemption House, recognizing it as a chance for a fresh start.

Our youngest resident has been 18 years old, and our oldest 65. Most come through the Allen County Correctional system, but we also receive individuals from outlying areas and neighboring states. Some of the women have been incarcerated for a while; others come to us straight from sentencing. Court-imposed conditions vary in strictness from person to person. Redemption House screens all of the women and chooses whether or not to take them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many women stay at Redemption House?

We operate two homes that can accommodate up to 32 women. The court system would love to send more individuals.

How long do women stay at Redemption House?

The average is six months. The longest has been 11 months.

How is Redemption House staffed?

The home is staffed 24 hours a day by trained supervisors, some of whom are “graduates” of Redemption House. Staff members include our full-time executive director, part-time employees, volunteers, and interns from local colleges.

What do residents do at Redemption House?

All of the women have responsibilities in the house itself—cooking, cleaning, etc. In addition, each resident focuses on career development. We want them to gain the tools necessary to become self-sufficient. We strongly encourage residents to further their education or work full-time, and want to see this happen within three months of entering the home.

What skills do women develop?

  • Financial skills—managing money, become self-sufficient and economically stable.
  • Job training.
  • Dealing with addictions.
  • Developing accountability systems.
  • Family and parenting skills.
  • Job preparation—resume building, interviewing techniques.
  • Formal education.

Do women have jobs outside of Redemption House?

Yes. Every woman is expected to find a job. That’s part of the deal for coming here.

Do women pay to stay at Redemption House?

Yes. They each pay $50 per week toward rent, food, and utilities. This helps prepare them for living on their own and paying market-rate living expenses.

Is Redemption House a faith-based organization?

Yes. The purpose and program of Redemption House are based on Christian principles. We want to build the whole person. All programing has a faith element. Key components include daily devotions, a Monday night Bible study, required church attendance, and Celebrate Recovery, a faith-based program for overcoming addictions. Numerous churches support Redemption House in various ways.

Are all of the women rehabilitated?

Sadly, no. If women fail to live up to the conditions set by the court system or to the standards set by Redemption House, they are released back into the prison system. Sometimes, relapses occur after women return to the families, friends, and the circumstances which got them in trouble in the first place. But we rejoice in the many true success stories, and take comfort knowing that lasting seeds have been planted in the lives of these women.

How is Redemption House supported?

Redemption House is an independent ministry which relies on the generosity of others. We also have program partnerships with churches, local businesses, organizations, city agencies, and numerous individuals to give women a new start in life.

Choosing the right thing.

Life is full of choices, and as I’ve grown, I have come to realize that all of our “free choices” come with consequences and outcomes. This affects not only ourselves, but others. So today I choose to do the right thing, live right, love God, stay clean, enjoy life, and love others. Anything worth having is worth working towards. Perseverance is what will help me reach my dreams and goals for the future. I am learning new wisdom and skills to better myself and my life. I believe the things that are important to me deserve complete effort.

2020 graduate

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