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Our Graduates

Graduations are a big deal. Take a look at some of our “graduating classes” over the years.
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Our Graduations

We hold at least five graduations every year–the culmination of a resident’s time at Redemption House. Here are glimpses of graduations over the years.
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Holiday Open House

This is the biggest, and classiest, annual event, drawing gobs of people to our elegant homes.
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In 2021, our 9th year, we began holding an annual reunion. It’s a festive day which draws lots of supporters and former residents.

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Community Fun

Residents enjoy doing fun things in the Fort Wayne community, such as going to Tin Caps games, visiting the zoo, and bowling.
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Walking Home

Redemption House participated in the 2016 Walking Home benefit walk at Jefferson Point.
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Harvest Party

A delightful fundraiser held in the back yard of the Fairfield house.
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Be the Change

An annual benefit walk held at Foster Park in the fall.
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