Over the Years

Glimpses of Our Graduations

Graduations are a big, big deal for Redemption House. We hold at least five of them every year. All graduations are open to the public. We encourage anyone interested in the ministry to attend a graduation, because they give the clearest picture of what Redemption House is all about–raising women up from despair, equipping them for success, and sending them with confidence back into the community.

What happens at a graduation? Family members, supporters, and others come to congratulate the women on completing the six-month Redemption House program. We talk about their journey during those months–what they were like when they arrived from the jail, how far they’ve come since then, and how many days they’ve now been clean. Parents, siblings, and children get a chance to tell them, “I’m proud of you.” And the graduates take their turn with the microphone, expressing, sometimes with tears, what their months at Redemption House have meant.

Until 2019, graduations were held at the Fairfield home–usually packed into the living room, but in the back yard when the weather cooperated. When we added the Wayne Street home, which doubled the number of residents, we had to find a larger venue. And so, beginning in December 2019, graduations have been held at various churches that support Redemption House.

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