Restoring Families

Some residents have lost custody of their children. Some haven’t seen them in years.


Addictions and criminal behavior have caused parent-child relationships to be horribly torn. It’s not easy to turn this around.

To restore family units, Redemption House partners with such agencies as the Department of Child Services, Allen County Superior Court, Allen County Family Court, and SCAN. The case manager develops an individualized plan for the resident which covers such areas as:

  • Education.
  • Employment.
  • Financial literacy.
  • Life skills.
  • Personal growth.
  • Parenting skills.
  • Addiction/recovery.
  • Mental health.

We help residents develop the knowledge and skills needed to foster healthy family and social behaviors. And we help them gain confidence and self-esteem to set boundaries in their relationships.

It’s incredible when a child sees a “new” mother who is clean, growing in her faith, taking care of herself, and working hard to rebuild her life. Slowly, gradually, bonds can be mended. It doesn’t happen in every instance, but we rejoice in the many times we’ve seen it happen.

It’s time for real change.

I hope to become closer to God and be a better mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, wife, and child of God. I want to be able to better understand myself, get a job and a house, get my daughter back, and hopefully be able to help other people, too.”

 2018 graduate

Help Us Rebuild Lives

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