The Redemption House Program

Resident are kept busy with a variety of classes and activities. Here are some of the main ones.


A weekly MINDCAP class has been a part of Redemption House since around 2012. This clinically proven program touches on such areas as dealing with trauma and addiction, healing and retraining the brain, and advancing cognitive, emotional, and social skills. Residents learn tools and techniques to improving their learning potential. MINDCAP is the class graduates refer to most when they recall their experience at Redemption House. 

Addiction Recovery

Every Friday night, people come to the houses to lead meetings on recovery.

Bible Studies

People from various churches come to the houses to teach Bible studies, usually 6-8 weeks for a series. About 18 different churches are involved in this way. 

In additional, facilitators from Bible Study Fellowship come to each house on Thursday mornings, and everybody in the house participates. For residents who are at work, a facilitators comes later in the day to go over that week’s lesson with them.

Self Defense

The resident take self-defense classes which focus on awareness, empowerment, and defense. This is taught by a professor at Wright State University who is certified in this area and has a martial arts background.

Book Club

Sometimes residents study a book on a subject that will be helpful to them—procrastination, self-esteem, or something else.

Self Care

Residents learn about personal hygiene, caring for your skin, hair care, how to dress, wearing the proper size, using make-up, and related practices.

Outside Meetings

Residents may also be involved in other meetings, perhaps mandated by the court. These might include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other recovery groups.

Other Classes

Our partners also provide classes on cooking, parenting, financial literacy, money management, anger management, and other subjects.